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  • Postgraduate Admission Will be started shortly.
    Notice Date:2016-05-03

Vice Chancelor's Desk

Prof. Basab Chaudhuri
Distance Learning Institutions and their scale of operations have been facilitated by continuous experiments and technological innovation in the field of Distance Education. In fact, universal demand for education, thirst for knowledge and the failure of the mainstream education system in catering to the increasing popular demand for higher education were the major contributory factors behind the emergence of the Distance Education System. Distance Education provides many opportunities for developing countries for the realization of their education system-wide goals. Distance education and distance learning are broad terms used to describe educational situations. Distance Education is a branch of education where teachers and students are separated in terms of time and place. There are many factors led to an explosion of interest in distance learning. The growing need for continual skills upgrading and retraining and the technological advances that have made it possible to teach more and more subjects at a distance. The Distance Education has become an integral part of higher education globally. In the world today, Distance Education system has been gaining widespread popularity over the year. Now, in India have 136 conventional Universities, 14 Open Universities and presently many dual mode University offering courses under the mode Distance Education. The Directorate of Distance Education, West Bengal State University has already launched Post Graduate programme Bengali, English History and Education for greater interest of the larger section of first generation learner students of the remote areas having thick population of minority communities who needs special attention for education in the State especially in Sundarban Zone. Thus, the Directorate has been striving hard to serve the students who are otherwise deprived of higher education. Within this short span of time it has, as if, become a light house of learning of persons of all ages and genders, particularly to such persons who, for different reasons, cannot undergo the higher course of studies as regular full time students. Apart from all these the Directorate has a vision to achieve some other goals and missions, particularly in view of the tremendous advancement in information and communication technologies in the present millennium for which all sorts of suggestions from all concerned are hearting welcome.